Mark Lamping

Mark Lamping

Vice President of Residential Sales, Green Mountain Energy

“Why wouldn’t everyone want to sign up for pollution-free electricity?” This is Mark’s mantra for getting consumers to switch to renewable energy. Since the day he joined the company in 2005, he has been a loyal customer because he wholeheartedly believes in the simplicity of switching to clean energy to make a big, positive environmental impact.

Mark and his large sales teams in Texas, Oregon and throughout the eastern region of the U.S. educate people every day about the benefits of choosing pollution-free electricity made from renewable resources. Mark and his team take great pride in significantly growing Green Mountain Energy’s family of customers every year. They reach consumers through a variety of sales channels which include retail stores, area events, their homes – a house or an apartment, phone calls and online marketing channels.

When Mark is asked why he is so passionate about Green Mountain, he is quick to point out that the company was our nation’s first retail electric provider with the mission to change the way power is made (from burning finite fossil fuels to using clean renewable energy). He likes to remind people that other suppliers may offer a green product, but no company, other than Green Mountain, can claim that it has been offering only pollution-free electricity products since its inception in 1997. Mark points out that “Green Mountain was green before being green was cool.”

For more than 25 years, Mark has successfully led and managed sales teams in the energy, telecommunications, electronics and wireless industries. He managed Green Mountain’s national top sales achievers program and has won a variety of top producer awards throughout his career. The company’s customer count has seen tremendous growth thanks to strategies Mark put in place, including expanding the scope of sales opportunities, growing the number of sales channels and increasing the number of service territories.

Mark fishes every weekend that he can and fondly remembers being a martial arts instructor for many students, including each of his three kids. (He is a fifth-degree black belt tae kwon do.) He strongly believes in leaving the earth a better place than when he found it, so his wife’s comment to him when he first joined Green Mountain sticks with him every day at the office. She told him, “You’ve had a lot of great sales leadership roles, but this may be the job that your kids can be the most proud of.” He earned his bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Illinois at Chicago.