SolarSPARC® and solar energy projects

Accelerate the growth of solar energy – and get rewarded for it – by signing up for SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change).

Sign up for SolarSPARC1 and play a role in making solar more affordable and available. Green Mountain sets money aside each month on behalf of every SolarSPARC customer – funds that help pay for a variety of projects, programs, and solar-related technologies that are aimed at making solar more affordable. As a Green Mountain customer, you could even benefit directly. Plus, SolarSPARC customers get an annual solar credit that grows over time.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Benefits of becoming a SolarSPARC customer:

  • Get a competitive price on solar energy2 with the plan term that works best for you
  • Earn an annual solar credit3
  • Green Mountain sets aside money each month to support solar energy adoption and innovation, and put solar within reach of our customers

Plus, you’ll be playing a role in accelerating the growth of solar and helping create a sustainable future!

How SolarSPARC® is making a difference

Solar panels generating renewable energy

If you hadn’t heard, we’re on a mission to change the way power is made. Customers on the SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) plan advance that mission by helping accelerate the growth, adoption, and innovation of solar energy.

Money set aside each month on behalf of every SolarSPARC® customer supports solar energy projects, programs, and technologies in local communities. Our past solar energy projects include rooftop solar arrays for Elbow Creek Wind Farm, Camp Hope, the Houston Food Bank, Sea Center Texas, and more.

In addition, SolarSPARC® funds help provide solar rebates to make going solar more affordable for more people. With more people able to afford solar panels, we hope to bring solar power to the forefront of the energy industry.
Where will the sun take us next?

Check out the projects and programs supported by SolarSPARC funds.


1 The SolarSPARC product is currently not offered in all markets we serve, but if you’re interested please send us an email.

2 Solar content percentage varies by product. For details, see the contract documents for the product you select. Solar content sourced from national solar projects.

3 You will receive a solar credit for each six-month period you are continuously enrolled on SolarSPARC, payable annually. Your solar credit will increase each year you’re on the product, up to the maximum annual credit amount. See the SolarSPARC electricity customer contract and terms and conditions documents for more details.

Credit Payment Timing SolarSPARC 100 Solar Credit Amount
Year 1 (after enrollment, assuming you enroll before July 1 of the previous year) $22
Year 2 $44
Year 3 $66
Year 4 $88
Year 5 $110
Year 6 $121
Year 7 $121