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pseg-nj-solarsparc-100-reliable-rate SolarSPARC 100 Reliable Rate
New Product
SolarSPARC™ 100 Reliable Rate
100% Solar
100% Solar
12 Month Price Security $150
Support solar adoption and get rewarded.
per kWh
12 Month Price Security
Cancellation Fee: $150

Support solar adoption & create a sustainable future

Looking for an affordable way to support solar adoption without putting it on your home?

  • Welcome to the first 100% solar electricity product in New Jersey
  • We’ll contribute $4 per month per customer to build new solar projects
  • Play a role in accelerating the growth of solar and helping create a sustainable future

Environmental Impact

By choosing the SolarSPARC™ 100 Reliable Rate product over typical system power, a New Jersey household with monthly usage of 750 kWh can prevent more than 13,600 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions a year. That's like...
Green tree image 1,400 Young Trees' CO2 Absorbed Annually
miles image 15,200 Miles Not Driven
newspaper image 14,100 Newspapers Recycled