About Green Mountain in New York

How long has Green Mountain been doing business in New York?

Green Mountain Energy Company was the first supplier (ESCO) in New York City fully dedicated to cleaner energy. Since 2000, we have been an active participant in the development of energy competition for New York and helped support the development of New York's first wind farm, the Madison Wind Project in Madison County. Green Mountain has been providing renewable energy products to National Grid customers in Upstate New York since 2002. Green Mountain entered the competitive market in New York City and Westchester County in August 2009, expanded into Orange & Rockland in March 2012, and began offering direct access service in National Grid as well as Central Hudson, New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) service territories in June 2013.

Why should I choose Green Mountain vs. other suppliers?

Green Mountain is the nation's longest serving renewable energy retailer. We were founded with the mission to change the way power is made – something that sets us apart from all other suppliers. We offer competitively-priced electricity products that use renewable energy, like wind and solar. The traditional production of electricity from fossil fuels is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S., so when you choose cleaner Green Mountain Energy electricity products, you are helping to make a difference for the environment.

About the Renewable Energy Plans We Offer

Why are the plans offered in each service territory priced differently?

Even though the geographic areas are nearby each other, the costs to supply electricity are different based on New York power grid zones; thus, the rates on the Green Mountain Energy electricity products vary accordingly.

Why is the avoided CO2 different between the Pollution Free and Pollution Free Gold products?

We estimate the carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have been created if you purchased your electricity from a supplier that offers a generic mix of “dirty” system power. Then we compare that to the CO2 emissions you avoid by choosing Green Mountain Energy® electricity.

The emissions are avoided where the renewable energy project is located. The Pollution Free product uses national wind, so we use a national average CO2 emission rate (provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA). The Pollution Free Gold product includes regional and in-state wind and solar resources as well as national wind resources. Because the New York grid is cleaner than the national or regional averages, we use the more conservative (lower) emissions-avoided rate specific to New York to calculate the Pollution Free Gold CO2 avoided. We want you to understand the difference you’re making, but we don’t want to overstate the claim.

While local renewable energy has tangible benefits like creating local jobs, renewable energy brought online in more coal-dependent parts of the country can actually have a bigger CO2 emissions avoided impact.

Why did you change the Pollution Free product content from a mix of 10% wind and 90% water to 100% wind?

We did it to improve our environmental impact. Although wind and water both are 100% renewable and pollution-free, many hydropower facilities in the U.S. were built decades ago. Because we are dedicated to changing the way power is made today, it’s important to us to support projects that are altering the current energy mix towards more renewable and cleaner forms of energy. To do this, we are choosing to actively support newer wind energy projects throughout the United States. This change will allow you and the rest of the New York Green Mountain family to make an even bigger difference for the environment.

All About Billing

How does billing work?

You'll still receive your bill from - and pay - your utility. Learn more about the Green Mountain Energy electricity supply charges on your bill.

Will I get a separate electric bill from Green Mountain? Who do I pay?

You will continue to receive one monthly electric bill from your utility. Your Green Mountain Energy electricity supply charges will appear on the bill. You continue to pay your utility just like always.

Can I still pay my electric bill online?

Yes. You can continue to pay your utility by whatever means you always have.

Will my billing remain on the same schedule as it is now?

Yes. You'll receive your bill on the same schedule as you do now.

I’m on a budget billing plan with my utility. Will I lose that if I switch to Green Mountain?

Choosing Green Mountain as your electricity supplier does not affect your ability to continue on a budget billing plan with your utility.

Why did my bill go up (or down) last month?

There are two main things that determine the amount of your invoice: the amount of electricity you use during the month and the rate you’re paying per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for that electricity, or:

  • # kWh used * cents per kWh rate = your electricity supply charges

This information is located on the last page of your bill (see an example).

What is the Monthly Customer Charge?

The monthly customer charge is one element of your pricing plan. It is designed to recover a portion of our fixed costs. We have some fixed costs that are constant no matter the amount of electricity sold. This charge will appear regardless of the amount of energy you consume and remain constant, even in high usage months.

The monthly customer charge is a flat amount added to your monthly invoice regardless of usage. For our New York customers, the charge is a daily amount multiplied by the number of days in the billing cycle.  It is $X.XX , for a thirty day billing cycle.

Choosing Green Mountain Energy

Will the power go out while I’m waiting for Green Mountain service to begin? Do I have to install any equipment?

Green Mountain and your utility take care of all the arrangements. You won’t notice anything new other than the Green Mountain supply charges on your monthly electric bill from your utility.

Why choose renewable power?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the traditional production of electricity from fossil fuels is the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the U.S. Choosing Green Mountain Energy electricity products helps encourage the development of new renewable, pollution-free generation facilities in New York and nationally.

What electricity plans does Green Mountain offer in New York?

Green Mountain offers New Yorkers choices in electricity products sourced from clean, renewable resources: Pollution Free electricity, made from 100% wind energy, and Pollution Free Gold electricity, made from 95% wind and 5% solar. These products are available in month-to-month and term plans so you can pick the best plan to meet your needs.

How do I become a Green Mountain Energy customer?

It’s easy to start powering your home with renewable energy by signing up online or calling toll-free 877-216-4632. You will need your utility account number (15 digits in Con Edison; 10 digits in O&R, National Grid, and Central Hudson) or POD ID number (15 digits in NYSEG and RG&E) to complete the sign up. You can find your account number or POD ID number on your electric utility bill.

How soon will my service begin?

Your energy supplier will begin providing your electric service on your next meter-reading date, as long as you are enrolled at least 15 days before that date. Otherwise, service will start on the following cycle date. The process typically takes about 30 days.

Electric Choice in New York

Does “electric choice” mean I get to pick any utility I want?

No. Electric choice means you can choose who supplies your electricity, not the utility that delivers it. By choosing who supplies your electricity, you have the ability to choose 100% renewable energy like from wind or solar.

To learn more about electric choice, watch this short video.

Is Green Mountain competing against my utility?

No. Your utility supports energy competition and encourages customers to choose an energy supplier (ESCO) that is right for them. Your utility’s primary business role is energy delivery, and ESCOs are in the business of energy supply. Even after you choose an energy supply company, your utility will still be there to read your meter, handle service calls, and provide emergency assistance. Energy competition is also supported by the State of New York.