About Green Mountain Energy in Maryland

Why should I choose Green Mountain Energy vs. my utility or other Electricity Suppliers?

As the longest serving renewable energy retailer in the United States, Green Mountain is a green power pioneer. We believe in using wind, sun and water for good, something that sets us apart from other electricity suppliers.

By choosing Green Mountain, you are doing more than just picking an electricity supplier – you are joining us in our mission to change the way power is made. We offer our customers innovative renewable energy products and excellent customer service, all while minimizing our own impact on the environment.

How long has Green Mountain been doing business in Maryland?

As of March 2013, Green Mountain entered the BGE service territory in Maryland as an electricity supplier serving residential and business customers with cleaner energy. We expanded our 100% Pollution Free electricity service to households in Potomac Edison in April 2015. We are excited to serve Maryland residents and hope you’ll join us in our mission to change the way power is made.

What is Green Mountain doing to help the environment?

Green Mountain is offering Maryland residents the choice of cleaner electricity products for their home, made from renewable sources like wind. Did you know that making electricity creates more CO2 than any other U.S. sector and is the #1 source of industrial air pollution in the U.S.?  By choosing clean Pollution FreeTM electricity from Green Mountain, you can help reduce your household’s share of CO2 emissions and help fight climate change. Choosing renewable electricity products also helps encourage the development and operation of new renewable, pollution-free generation facilities across the country.

To learn more about the environmental impact of Green Mountain’s products and services and our sustainability initiatives, visit our interactive Sustainability Report.

All About Billing

How will billing work?

Nothing will change with your billing process - you will continue to receive and pay only one electric bill from your electric utility. Your Green Mountain Energy electricity charges will appear in the billing details section of the bill.

Can I still pay my electric bill online?

Yes. You can continue to pay your electric utility by whatever means you always have. If you haven’t already, we also encourage you to enroll in paperless billing through your utility, which is more convenient and helps save trees! Learn more about e-billing options from BGE and Potomac Edison.

Will my billing remain on the same schedule as it is now?

Yes. You'll receive your bill on the same schedule as you do now.

I’m on a budget billing plan with my electric utility. Will I lose that if I switch to Green Mountain?

Budget billing will continue, but only for the delivery portion of your bill. At this time budget billing is not available for the Green Mountain supply portion of the bill.

Choosing Green Mountain Energy

Why choose renewable energy?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, making electricity from traditional fossil resources creates more CO2 than any other U.S. sector and is the #1 cause of industrial air pollution in the U.S. Choosing Green Mountain Energy electricity products helps encourage the development and continued operation of new renewable, pollution-free generation facilities.

If I switch to Green Mountain will I still have reliable service?

Of course - when you choose Green Mountain Energy electricity you will still get the same reliable service you have now. Your local electric utility will continue to read your meter, provide billing, respond to power outages, and provide other services related to the delivery of electricity. If you experience delivery problems (for example, if your lights go out), please contact your utility.

Which kinds of plans are available to me?

We offer Maryland residents Pollution Free™ electricity, made from 100% renewable wind resources in the United States. We offer this product in both month-to-month and fixed-price term options so you can pick the best plan to meet your needs.

How do I become a Green Mountain customer?

It’s easy to start powering your home with renewable energy by signing up online or calling toll-free 1-855-MD-GOGREEN (1-855-634-6473). In order to complete the sign-up process, you will need to have your Electric Choice ID number if you're a BGE customer or your Customer Number if you're a Potomac Edison customer. You can find that number on your electric bill.

How soon will my service begin?

Your Green Mountain cleaner energy service will begin in one to two billing cycles, depending on your meter read date.

Will the power go out while I’m waiting for my Green Mountain Energy service to begin? Do I have to install any equipment?

No. Nothing changes with your electric delivery and there’s no equipment to install. Green Mountain and your electric distribution company take care of all the arrangements. You won’t notice anything new other than the Green Mountain charges on your monthly electric bill.

Electric Choice in Maryland

Does “electric choice” mean I get to pick any utility I want?

No. Electric choice means you can choose who supplies your electricity, not the utility that delivers it. By choosing who supplies your electricity, you have the ability to choose 100% renewable energy like from wind or solar.

To learn more about electric choice, watch this short video.

Is Green Mountain Energy competing against my electric utility?

No. Your electric utility supports energy competition and encourages customers to choose an electricity supplier that is right for them. The electric utility’s primary business role is energy delivery, and electricity suppliers are in the business of helping consumers choose where their energy comes from. Even after you choose an electricity supplier, your electric utility will still be there to read your meter, handle service calls, and provide emergency assistance.