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Get 5% off your electricity bill with Green Mountain Energy.

Save on 100% clean energy.

As the official Sustainability Sponsor for the Cowtown Marathon, Green Mountain is helping protect the planet — and you can do your part by signing up for renewable energy. Cowtown Marathon employees and volunteers qualify for a 5% discount on any Green Mountain electricity plan, applicable on every monthly bill.

Not a customer yet?

Click to sign up for a clean electricity plan. Once you receive enrollment confirmation with your account number, return to this page and follow the directions for current customers to activate your discount.

Already a Green Mountain customer?

Get your discount activated! Complete the discount registration using your account number and contact information as it appears on your account. Then enter your special code: COWTOWN.

Sign up and enjoy:

  • 100% renewable energy at an affordable price.
  • A 5% monthly discount on your Green Mountain electricity bill.
  • Access to sustainable products and information to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Personal impact updates to show how you’re making a difference for our planet.

View our FAQs:

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Already a customer?
Complete the form on the next page to start saving on your electricity bill. You'll want to have your special code handy for this step.
Can I share this program with my friends and family?
Only verified affiliates (employees, residents, members) of participating Green Mountain commercial customers can register for the Client Affiliate Program.
Not a customer?
View offers in your area and sign up for the renewable plan that's best for you. Next, follow the customer-related steps on this page to claim your savings.
What information do I need to register my current Green Mountain Account for the discount?
First, you'll need the special code that your organization (employer, city of residence, member organization) provided to enter the site. To register your Green Mountain account for the program, you'll need your Green Mountain account number. You can find this number on your paper bill, or on the PDF version of your bill online. You can download your bill from the My Bill page behind the login.
Enjoy added savings on renewable energy.
Saving on renewable energy for your home is easier than ever. As an affiliate (employee, resident, member) of a Green Mountain commercial customer, you qualify for our Client Affiliate Program. Sign up and enjoy the benefits.

You'll get:
  • 100% renewable energy at an affordable price
  • A monthly discount on your Green Mountain electricity bill
  • Access to sustainable products and information to help green your lifestyle
  • Impact updates to show how you’re making a positive difference for our planet
If I move to a different home while on the program, am I still eligible?
You'll remain eligible for the program if you're still an affiliate (employee, resident, member) of a participating Green Mountain commercial customer and live in the Green Mountain service area. When you move, you'll need to register your new home at
I signed up for this program, so why don't I see it on my bill?
The Client Affiliate Program may take up to two billing cycles to be applied to your bill.
* The discount is available to specified customer groups actively affiliated with CAP partner companies to which Green Mountain provides commercial retail electricity service. This offer is not transferable and is only available to residential customers. Customers enrolling in the Power as You Go PlanSM are not eligible.

** The discount will be effective within two billing cycles after registration and verification of affiliate status. The discount will be calculated as a percentage of the recurring Green Mountain Energy charges and any passed-through recurring TDSP charges for current month’s usage and will exclude any nonrecurring charges or fees, third-party services, taxes or tax reimbursement charges or guard lights. The discount will be applied to a single meter per customer, before other discounts or billing options are calculated.

To receive the discount, you must be a Green Mountain customer and the electricity account must be in your name. The discount ends if you move to a different service address. Re-enrollment at a new service address is subject to continuing eligibility.

Your discount will end immediately upon termination of your affiliation with the partner company or upon termination of the partner company’s electricity supply contract with Green Mountain. Green Mountain reserves the right to discontinue this program without notice.

Ready to claim your savings?

Please complete the form with the Green Mountain account holder's information. Then submit the form to register to recieve your discount on your Green Mountain Energy bill.

  • Please note, the name and contact information below must match the information that is listed on the electricity account for us to process your discount.