Lollapalooza Ramps Up Sustainability Efforts

Lollapalooza’s commitment to protecting the environment is incorporated into all aspects of planning the festival, including working with Green Mountain Energy Company to offset the carbon dioxide emissions created by the event

$1 A Day to Help Those Who Help Others

You’re probably familiar with deal sites that send you a discounted product or service daily but turns this concept around to help non-profits raise funds for their cause. Sign up for their email and you’ll be sent information each day on a different 501(c)3 nonprofit to which you can choose to donate $1. You…

Tips for Lowering Energy Usage During the Hot Texas Summer

Ever wonder why your electricity bill increases in the summer months, even though you haven’t changed anything in your home?  The answer may lie in the question—when the temperature outside is hitting the century mark as it has been here in Texas, your home appliances have to work extra hard to keep your home cool.

Green Mountain Energy Gets Plugged In to Our Community

One of our most abundant sources of renewable energy is the people who work at Green Mountain Energy Company.  Our full-time and part-time folks are passionate about promoting sustainability in everything they do.

Volunteer Opportunities in NYC

Help make an even greater difference for your community by volunteering for these local environmentally and socially focused organizations!