ACL Music Festival Fans Do Their Part to Go Green

ACL’s commitment to protecting the environment is incorporated into all aspects of planning the festival, including working with Green Mountain Energy Company to offset the carbon dioxide emissions created by the event.

The Nexus of Water and Energy

Energy and water are interrelated.  When you conserve water, you’re also reducing the strain on the electricity grid, and when you reduce your electricity usage less water is used.

Wind Energy…What’s Next?

Beyond the traditional wind turbine shape, companies are developing entirely new approaches to harnessing the wind’s power.  

How Much Is Your DVR Really Costing You?

Adding in the cost of electricity could double the amount you pay for your DVR each month.  Is it time to demand that consumer electronics manufacturers give us the same level of energy efficiency improvements we’ve gotten from major appliances over the years?

Making Great, Sustainable Places

What makes a place sustainable? That’s a pretty big question – and it’s not just about being green.  Green Mountain employee Sarah visits The High Line in Manhattan, a sustainable place transformed by a proactive community.

Green Tips for Back To School

As kids go back to school it’s a perfect time to put the planet’s most important three Rs into practice: reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Why Electric Vehicles Matter to Us

What’s the only thing better than an EV? An EV powered by 100% renewable electricity. Here Green Mountain Energy Company explains the relationship between powering your home with pollution-free electricity and driving an electric vehicle.