‘Tis the Season to Give Back to Your Community

Whether it’s serving a  Christmas meal, providing clothing or shelter, or simply making someone smile…here are a few ideas to find local volunteering opportunities during the holidays:

Everything IS Bigger in Texas

Forever, Texas has been strongly associated with the words oil and gas. Not anymore! The state has been hard at work, making over the environmental face and attitude of Texas.

Volunteer for the Environment

Want to make even more of a difference by volunteering in your local community? Volunteer opportunities exist all around us! Here are just a few suggestions for getting started: 

University of Houston Goes Solar Thanks to Sun Club

The University of Houston is now partially powered by the sun, thanks to customers in the Green Mountain Energy Sun Clubsm!  The  $140,000 donation is helping fund UH’s first solar array system and begin a new internship program that uses funds gathered by the array’s utility cost savings.

Waco Zoo Goes Solar Thanks to Green Mountain Customers

The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is now partially powered by the sun, thanks to customers in the Green Mountain Energy Sun Clubsm. The $140,000 donation funded two different solar array systems at the zoo totaling 27 kilowatts (kW) of pollution-free energy from the sun. They are expected to produce nearly 38,000 kWh of clean…

Ozone Action Days and What You Can Do to Help

We’re all familiar with the term “ozone action day” and typically associate it with a hot summer day.  But what does it really mean?  The CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas, a proud partner of Green Mountain Energy Company, explains the significance of ozone pollution – and what you can do to make a difference.

Have a Sustainable Halloween

Consider these frighteningly festive eco-tips to ensure a happy, healthy, and sustainable Halloween. Many electronic devices in your home use energy even when not in use.  These phantom loads, also known as vampire energy, silently suck energy that can add up over the year. 

What’s Your Water Footprint?

How do our own water footprints contribute to our overall water situation?  Just as we focus on conserving energy, we also need to start thinking of the ways we can decrease usage of one of our most precious resources: fresh water.