Welcome, Lubbock! Get ready to power up with clean electricity.

Ah, Lubbock — you’re the Hub City, birthplace of Buddy Holly and home to the Red Raiders (Guns up!). Your city is a true jewel of the Texas Panhandle (don’t worry, Amarillo, we love you too), and this year, you’ll join other Texas cities as part of the deregulated electricity market. This means that, if you’re a Lubbock resident, you’ll soon have the chance to pick the company that provides electricity to power your home. With the freedom to choose your retail electricity provider, why not choose electricity from renewable sources and make a positive impact on the environment? Shrinking your carbon footprint by powering up with clean electricity is a super-easy way to help ensure a greener future for both Lubbock and the whole planet. When you choose renewable electricity, you’re not only helping to keep carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, but also playing a part in building a more sustainable future. If you want to know just how much of an impact clean electricity will make on your household's carbon footprint, you can use our calculator.

So, what makes choosing us to power your home with clean electricity so special?

You’re making a positive impact. As the longest serving renewable electricity provider in the country, we’ve developed plenty of ways for you to go even further in protecting the environment. Powering up with clean electricity is one of the most impactful things you can do for the planet, but you’ll also have opportunities to offset the carbon emissions created by gas-powered transportation, household waste and more.

You’re going greener in a way that works for you. Electricity plans shouldn't be "one size fits all," so we have choices to help you shrink your carbon footprint. The Pollution Free™ with Google Nest Learning Thermostat plan is backed by 100% wind, and includes a free Google Nest Learning Thermostat to help you save electricity easily. If you’re an electric-vehicle driver, Solar All-Nighter for EVs offers lower prices at night when you’re most likely to be charging your vehicle. And if — in true Texan style — you’re looking for the freedom and independence of a rooftop solar system, we’ll help you get Powered by Sunshine at any stage of your journey (including an exclusive buyback plan for the excess electricity your panels produce).

You’re supporting a cleaner grid. We bring you 100% clean electricity solutions backed by renewable electricity credits that offset carbon emissions and ensure the electricity you’re buying is generated using renewable resources. That’s a fancy way of saying that when you power up with electricity from sources like the sun and wind, you’re helping add more clean electricity production to the grid.

You’re getting green tools to support your eco-friendly lifestyle. We offer a lot more than just electricity service. Programs like Ready, Set, Green help you prepare for extreme temperatures, high electricity usage or outages, while our charitable program Sun Club funds sustainability projects for nonprofits in communities here in Texas and across the country. The Green Mountain App lets you easily manage your account, renew your plan and track your impact. And, you'll find green living tips and more on our website and right here in our blog.

Your green journey starts with clean energy, but doesn’t have to end there. Find all the additional resources you need to further your sustainability walk and create a cleaner future with Green Mountain Energy today!

Get ready for 100% clean, renewable energy.
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