6 Green Traditions You Can Start Now

I feel for Mother Nature. She’s been dealing with a lot of drama lately—the pollution, the tree cutting, the clean water crisis. The good news? You can help a girl out by starting a few new green traditions. You’ll be making a positive difference in no time.

  1. Host a Swap PartyWant a fun and planet-friendly way to revamp your wardrobe? Invite your friends over for an annual clothing swap party. Afterward, drop off the rest at your local donation center. You’ll be recycling perfectly good pieces while also saving some moola.
  1. Green Your Coffee Routine For your daily coffee fix, start brewing Fair Trade certified coffee. Look for a USDA Certified Organic label to make sure that the coffee was grown sustainably. Grabbing your coffee on the go? Bring a reusable travel cup. You may even get a little discount at the register for doing so.
  1. Give Your Leftovers New LifeTake your leftovers and bake something yummy. Use veggies to make a quiche, turn stale bread into bread pudding and use pasta for a pasta bake.
  1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)So you’ve probably heard this one quite a few times, but a friendly reminder never hurts, right? Say goodbye to plastic bags and bring a reusable tote for any purchases you make during store runs.
  1. Say Yes to Meatless MondaysProducing meat (especially beef) requires huge amounts of land and clean water. Plus, the raising of animals for meat results in more CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. But you don’t have to go full-blown vegan to help the environment. You can start by not eating meat on Mondays and opting for veggies instead.
  1. Power your place sustainablyChoosing squeaky-clean energy is a green tradition that you can start—and continue—for years to come. It’s easy. When you sign up for 100% clean energy with Green Mountain Energy, you’ll join a community of people who are flipping the switch to a brighter planet every day.

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