7 Activities That Are Better to Do With Friends

There’s no getting around it. Some activities are better to do with a group of friends rather than going at them alone.  Make sure you’ve got your amigos in tow when you set out to tackle these adventures.

  1. Karaoke. After you’ve mustered up the courage to belt out a tune, make sure it’s a song performed by a duo or group—there’s more forgiveness when someone is off key.
  2. Scary movies. Having an arm to grab on either side of you makes the fright more bearable. Plus, your pals can help clean up the popcorn that spills when you jump out of your seat.
  3. Flash mobs. Whether it’s to dance, to have a pillow fight or to show off some serious light saber skills, it wouldn’t be called a mob if it were just you performing. As a matter of fact, you’d probably get some pretty weird looks.
  4. Foodie night. You tasted an amazing appetizer or a decadent dessert at a new spot in town. Clueing in your friends on this flavorful find is definitely the way to go.
  5. The outdoors. Enjoying Earth’s gifts and exploring nature is always better with your gal pals or homies. Make plans to set sail, wander in wildflowers, splash in the sea or hike through the trees.
  6. Charity work and fundraising. This is a no-brainer. When it’s time to do good for others, make sure you enlist as many others as you can so you can make an even bigger impact.
  7. Renewable energy. More people choosing clean energy means a cleaner planet. Since 1997, Green Mountain customers have prevented more than 54 billion pounds of CO2

It’s time to invite your friends and family to our planet-loving party. We want them to join in the mission of changing the way power is made. We can get more done (like reducing the amount of CO2 emissions) by working together. Sign up for the Green Team Rewards Program, and start referring today!