Say Goodbye to Supplies the Sustainable Way

It’s the time of year when school is winding down and spring cleaning is on everyone’s must-do list. Make sure your office or cube doesn’t get left behind.

As pens and markers accumulate and papers pile up, take it easy on the environment by sustainably tossing out your office and school supplies.

  • Round up binders, scissors, highlighters, crayons and pencils that work, but aren’t needed anymore, and check in with area schools to see if the supplies could be used in the classrooms.
  • Your old pen could become art! The Pen Guy collects ball point pens, dry erase markers, felt tip pens, mechanical pencils and more. Then, the writing instruments are repurposed into recycled pen art.
  • For hardcover books, charities and libraries can put them to good use.
  • If paper clips and staples are keeping you from recycling paper, stop worrying about it. Paper mills that process paper for recycling are equipped to remove these annoyances.
  • Magazines are 100% recyclable and are accepted at most community recycling centers.

Putting the planet first can be part of everything you do. It takes a little planning and organization, but the payoff is well worth it: cool breezes, bright sunlight, green landscapes, lively creatures and vast oceans.

After your office and school supply cleanup, keep the sustainability momentum going. Make the switch to clean energy with a pollution-free electricity plan from Green Mountain Energy.