Point Yourself in the Direction of Happy

Happy people are more productive and more engaged and exude positivity to others. The feeling of happiness can be contagious, and we want to get everyone on the happy bandwagon. Because we are passionate about keeping the health of our environment at the forefront of everything we do, we’re putting an eco-spin on six tips to put you on the path toward happy.

1. Get a jump on the day. Early risers have time for reflection and preparation about what they would like to accomplish for the day – consider it a moment of calm that nurtures the soul. And when you avoid hitting snooze on your alarm, you also give yourself enough time to give back to the planet before getting to your 9-5.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_1_blog

2. Put your body in motion. Daily exercise releases endorphins in your body, which triggers positive, energetic feelings. You can use the momentum from this “workout high” and take proactive steps to live more sustainably.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_2_blog

3. Spend your green on experiences. Spending money on an experience over a material good gives you the opportunity to make a new memory (which you can recall at any time), allows you to be social and offers you a unique moment that no one else can replicate. Suggestions for where to visit are a cinch; check out our list of Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® grant recipients. You’ll find nonprofits, like state parks, wildlife centers, theaters, gardens, farms and museums, committed to sustainability.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_3_blog

4. Keep learning new things. Taking on new challenges forces you to focus and work hard until progress has been made. You might experience difficulties and even some frustration early in the learning process, but once you’ve met your goal, you will look back at the accomplishment and feel rewarded. Whether you are an experienced greenie or you are just getting started, brushing up on the benefits of clean energy is a great way to add to your understanding of how your household electricity choices impact our environment.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_4_blog

5. Help others. Giving your time and energy actually brings you the greatest reward. The good energy starts within you and is compounded when you serve others. Your positive vibes are also passed to the folks you are helping, which in turn, uplifts them too. Try engaging in a small act of kindness or volunteer for a local nonprofit. As you saw in tip #3, we know a great list of organizations whose focus is on sustainable programs like renewables, the environment, conservation efforts and community education.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_6_blog

6. Bond with some buddies. Keep building close relationships with your friends. When you connect with those you love, it gives you a little happiness boost and improves your quality of life. This Halloween, make a pact with your favorite pal to make your fright night more environmentally friendly. You’ll enjoy tackling the job together and will probably be able to steal an idea or two from one another.560148_blog-6-happy-habits_5_blog

The power of positivity helps people as well as the planet. As a consumer, you have the power to make a positive or negative impact on the environment. Use your power of choice for how the energy powering your home is supplied. Make sure clean energy, like wind or solar power, is your only choice and that you understand the benefits of a renewable energy plan.