6 Thoughts All Planet-lovers Have During Election Season, as Told by Cats and Dogs

  1. They fundraised how much for their campaign?

When you realize that your candidate raised more money in a day than you make in a year. Think of all the trees you could’ve planted.

  1. Did that really just happen?

When you’re watching a debate and you hear something utterly ridiculous about climate change.

  1. Maybe I should run for president?

When you start thinking it may be a good idea for you to step in and help make a difference for America and our planet.

  1. Wait, you’re voting for them?

When you start arguing with your friend on social media about your political views and why we need a leader who truly cares about the environment.

  1. Can somebody fact check that?

When you hear the same accusation over and over about green energy being too expensive.

  1. Yay! My work here is done.

When you experience uncontainable happiness after standing in line for hours at the polls and finally voting. ‘Merica!


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