The Sun Club Celebrates First Employee-Donation

There was a lot of sunshine to celebrate this year! Green Mountain Energy recognized its first all-employee-funded donation to the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, and Portland, Oregon saw its first Sun Club® solar donation. These two achievements came on the heels of the Sun Club announcing its exciting evolution to become an independent non-profit organization.

Last year, the Sun Club made a $20,000 solar donation to Portland YouthBuilders (PYB), the first-ever Sun Club donation in the Portland area. PYB is a non-profit organization committed to providing long-term support for low-income youth through educational, vocational and leadership development programs. PYB recently “flipped the switch” on its brand-new 8.82 kilowatt solar array, consisting of 28 solar panels.

Green Mountain Energy employees celebrate their first employee-funded array in Portland, Oregon.

Green Mountain Energy employees celebrate their first employee-funded array in Portland, Oregon.

The new solar array at PYB will produce more than 7,600 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity every year, which is the equivalent of six households turning off their lights for a year! The students at PYB, ranging from 17 to 24 years old, helped install the solar panels as part of the school’s unique learning program. While the array will help power the school, it will also serve as an educational tool for students interested in pursuing a degree related to the environment.

Moreover, funds for this solar donation were raised completely by our own Green Mountain Energy employees across the company who are passionate about solar and helping non-profits in the communities we serve, making this project the Sun Club’s first all-Green Mountain Energy employee funded donation!

Non-profit organizations interested in receiving a donation from the Sun Club can now apply for projects under any of the program’s new pillars, including: Renewables – solar, other renewable technologies; Environment – water conservation, air quality, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture; Community – energy efficiency upgrades, green commuting initiatives, public space enhancements; Education – environmental stewardship, promotion of careers in sustainability.

Applications for Sun Club donations are available now on the website.

As always, we are thankful to our customers and employees for their continued support of Green Mountain Energy and the Sun Club. We are proud to have the opportunity to support non-profits everywhere.