Sun Club Expands Solar Mission, Unveils Rain Barrel

We’ve got exciting news! The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, a program formed by Green Mountain Energy Company to donate solar projects to non-profit organizations, has now evolved into an independent non-profit organization – one which is expanding its mission and scope to go beyond solar power to solutions for a sustainable lifestyle!

As a newly formed non-profit, the Sun Club’s new mission to enhance the quality of life through long-term, sustainable solutions that focus on people and the planet will include donations of new sustainability technologies, like water conservation, energy efficiency or waste reduction tools, to non-profits.

“Expanding the Sun Club’s mission and the pool of potential donors gives us brand new opportunities to better serve non-profits and help them enhance quality of life and culture in the communities they serve,” said Tony Napolillo, executive director, Sun Club. “The Sun Club’s solar donations have been a shining success, and we will continue to grow our solar footprint. Our expanded mission and new form give us the flexibility to assess each non-profit applicant’s needs and think creatively about sustainable solutions.

Non-profit organizations interested in applying for a donation from the Sun Club can now apply for projects under any of the program’s new pillars, including: Renewables – solar, other renewable technologies; Environment – water conservation, air quality, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture; Community – energy efficiency upgrades, green commuting initiatives, public space enhancements; Education – environmental stewardship, promotion of careers in sustainability.

We celebrated the new mission of Sun Club with our customers and solar donation recipient, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS), at one of PHS’s Pop Up Gardens on Sunday, July 12. The Sun Club donated a new rain barrel to the Pop Up Garden through Philadelphia Water Department’s rain barrel program, Rain Check, to help capture and recycle water in the garden. The rain barrel will keep the garden flourishing throughout the season and is an example of the new sustainability donations the Sun Club will support through its new mission.

Non-profit organizations nationwide can apply for Sun Club donations on the website.

We thank all of our customers for their continued support of Green Mountain and the Sun Club and are excited to continue to grow our solar footprint while offering new sustainable solutions for non-profits everywhere!

Please note: Although we have submitted an application to the IRS for recognition as a tax exempt organization, until such time as the application is approved we will be unable to assure donors that contributions to the Sun Club will be tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Contributions made to the Sun Club while the application is pending will qualify if the application is ultimately approved by the IRS. However, if the application is disallowed, contributions to the non-profit will not qualify.