What We Can Learn From California

Earlier this week, California took an unprecedented measure by ordering mandatory drought restrictions to reduce water use by 25%.

California is experiencing the worst drought in its history, and the effects are being felt nationwide; 54% of Americans live in cities with vulnerable water supplies.

This video from the New York Times explains what the drought means for the state’s agriculture production, reservoirs and clean drinking water, as well as other implications it may have.

Why do we care about water?

Water is an important resource for us all, for many reasons.

  • We need water for everything! To live, to work and to play
  • Driven by heightened competition, the economic value of water will rise
  • Water is a finite resource

The state and people of California are making changes to the way in which they consume water.

But there are steps we can all take to reduce our consumption:

  • Choose green energy: Clean, green energy, from the wind and sun, doesn’t take any additional water to produce. Electricity made from conventional sources, such as nuclear plants and coal, requires a lot of water. Learn more about why we care and what we’re doing to help.
  • Get smart about your water usage: Enroll in Green Mountain’s Pollution Free™ WaterSaver 24 electricity plan and receive a free Rachio Iro smart sprinkler system that you can control from your smartphone or tablet to save up to 30% of water usage on your lawn.
  • Think about H2O: Take shorter showers and baths, turn off running water when it’s not in-use, and use water-efficient appliances in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Calculate usage: Utilize the Watering Calculator during periods of drought and water restrictions.
  • What other ways do you conserve water in the home and yard?