Two States, 10 Non-Profits, and $422,000

Sun Club® Solar Road Tour Spreads Sunshine throughout the Northeast

As manager of the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® program, I have handed out a LOT of really big checks over the years. It’s one of the best parts of my job because I know our donations will not only help great non-profits reduce their environmental footprint, but also help them save money to better meet their missions. All this while promoting solar energy, too!

Recently I had the unique opportunity to drive from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and then take a train to New York, all while handing out a total of $422,000 to ten outstanding non-profits. They are the 2015 Sun Club recipients, carefully selected from over 200 applications. Each stood out because of its mission, how its members serve the community, how solar can be applied to serve the non-profit, and how the organization will help us spread the good news about the amazing, the brilliant, the pollution-free power of the sun!

Here are this year’s Northeast Sun Club® recipients:

  1. Frick Environmental Center, Pittsburgh, PA, $50,000, grid-tied solar
  2. Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center, Pittsburgh, PA, $50,000, grid-tied solar
  3. Millvale Community Library, Millvale, PA, $30,000, grid-tied solar
  4. Snipes Farm & Education Center, Morrisville, PA, $14,250, solar-powered chicken coop
  5. Philadelphia Zoo, $100,000, 10 solar trams
  6. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Strawberry Mansion Green Resource Center, Philadelphia, PA, $40,000, grid-tied solar
  7. Eco-Station: NY, Brooklyn, NY, $15,000, grid-tied solar
  8. Friends of Brook Park, Bronx, NY, $10,000, solar lighting
  9. Downtown Improvement District, New Rochelle, NY, $50,000, solar public art work
  10. Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY, $50,000, grid-tied solar

Of course, none of these solar donations would be possible without the support of our customers, so THANK YOU! To learn more about the Sun Club and our previous solar recipients, visit