Simple Steps to Change Water-Wasting Ways

Remember me? The water-waster? It’s been 30 days since undertaking the Sustainability Challenge for Earth Month and I am back to report about my personal challenge to save water and change my bad behavior.

Below are my goals and the outcome of each:

  1. Water1

    Small notes around the house served as nice reminders to cut back on water usage.

    Shower Better – Spend less time in the shower and possibly invest in a new low-flow shower head. Result:  This was the hardest challenge. Like I wrote previously, I love a long shower. I went to the extreme and timed my showers. My first day timed in at 12 minutes (yikes!).  The next day I set a timer for 8 minutes. My approach was to take baby steps rather than eliminating long showers cold turkey. There is certainly a greater sense of urgency when your phone’s timer is ticking in the distance. By the end of the month, I was down to 4-5 minutes a shower. Lather. Rinse. Repeat!

  2. Turn It Off – Turn off faucets when I’m brushing my teeth, shaving, and cooking. Result:  This task was simply about remembering to turn off the faucet. Little reminder post-it notes helped for the first few weeks. After a while, they weren’t necessary, and turning off the faucet became second nature.
  3. No Plastic – Stop buying bottled water and start using one of the reusable water bottles that’s already in my house. Result:  This wasn’t very hard to do and the added bonus was cost-savings. I made sure to keep a reusable water bottle at the office and in my bag at all times.
  4. Stop The Flush I do own a wastebasket. I vow to stop being lazy and use it (or recycle the object, if that’s a possibility). Result:  Again, this was an easier behavior change.  I made sure to keep the wastebasket in a convenient spot in the bathroom and kept the lid down on the toilet at all times to avoid temptation!

In conclusion, habits do stick in 30 days, and I formed a new and hopefully lasting habit that will benefit our planet.

-Signed the Water Warrior

Thank you for joining our 30-Day Sustainability Challenge! What are ways you greened-up your life this Earth Month? Share in the comments below.