Customer Spotlight: Anna Clark

Editor’s Note: Long-time Green Mountain Energy customer Anna Clark is committed to living a sustainable life even beyond her purchase of renewable electricity. We’ve spotlighted her here to share her story and inspire other customers to adopt some of her “green” habits!

Green Mountain Energy customer and green advocate Anna Clark really “walks the walk” when it comes to living a happy and healthy sustainable life.

In 2012, we wrote about Anna’s journey from clean energy enthusiast to sustainability author and spokeswoman. Anna founded EarthPeople in 2005 and has since grown her consultancy into a sustainability communications firm serving businesses interested in “going green,” ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

“One of the first significant choices we made for a greener lifestyle was using Green Mountain Energy,” said Anna. “Since then, Green Mountain has become part of my business story as well, earning my firm EarthPeople recognition in the Green Power Partnership. By giving both consumers and companies a ‘pathway for participation’ in sustainability, Green Mountain is playing an important role in the transition to cleaner energy and air for a state that needs both.”

Anna’s journey began when she made the simple switch to Green Mountain in Dallas more than ten years ago as a first, easy step toward making a difference in the world.Anna

“Whenever another provider offers the opportunity to switch, I tell them to forget it. I love the people at Green Mountain as much as the green power – you can’t say that about just any energy provider!”

The decision to choose clean energy snowballed into other green efforts – including writing and publishing three books. She also lives in one of the first residences in Dallas to earn a LEED® Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

In 2013, Anna launched EarthPeople Media, a publisher of books and content on business, culture, sustainability and social innovation. She also contributes frequently to the Huffington Post and other news sites. You can check out some of her work here.

The work Anna does for the planet in business and in her personal life is a reflection of her passion for the environment. To learn more about EarthPeople and how to incorporate sustainability into your business, visit her company website. For more inspiration on green living, check out the articles on her author website.

Thank you, Anna, for helping Green Mountain change the way power is made!