Committing To The Bike Commute

The Green Mountain Energy headquarters are located in downtown Austin, Texas. And I happen to live (conveniently) 4 short miles away from them.

Many Green Mountain employees ride their bikes (or walk, or take the bus) to work. I find this incredibly admirable! Before April and our 30-Day Sustainability Challenge, I had ridden my bike once.

I’ve wanted to incorporate green-commuting into my lifestyle since I started working at Green Mountain (and even before, when I lived in Dallas). I know that there are many advantages to doing so because I love to ride my bike for exercise and pleasure on the weekends.


My noble steed this April!

Not only is biking to work good exercise, it takes one more car off the road. Due to Austin traffic, riding a bike could ultimately take a shorter amount of time than waiting at congested red lights in my Ford. And lots of Austinities are trading in four wheels for two as bike lanes and bike commuting become an easier way to get around town.

The reasons for my hesitations have been pretty petty. It takes a bit more time and effort to plan out coordination of commuter apparel versus office attire, to use a work backpack rather than a handbag, to pack away all my jewelry the night before and to navigate the nutty Austin streets amid cars and trucks, all in a rush (rightfully so) to get to that 8 or 9 a.m. meeting downtown.

But now is the time!

I have accepted the 30-Day Challenge and intend to focus on greening my transportation. I plan on riding my bike at least twice-a-week to work. And I will, of course, wear my helmet.

What green habit do you plan to make a part of your life in April?

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