Challenge Your Conservation Habits

This Earth Month, I accepted the 30-Day Sustainability Challenge to form a new green habit focusing on energy. My challenge was to turn on my thermostat for no more than 5 hours a day, and I’ve managed to use it for even less time, on average.

As a Texas resident, I knew it would be hard not to turn on the air conditioning. But through my efforts to avoid turning on the A/C – which included not turning on large appliances or keeping my lights on longer than necessary – I was able to nearly cut my energy usage in half this month!

CC Usage_April

I’ve consumed less energy in April than ANY other month this year in my apartment, which also means that my utility bill was significantly lower this month. As mentioned in my last post, my sustainability challenge didn’t require major life changes or home renovations – I simply modified a few of my existing habits to help maintain a comfortable temperature in my apartment without AC.

This challenge also motivated me to get out of the house! The warm weather was great for outdoor activities and got me off the couch to exercise, explore my neighborhood and check out new areas of my city I’d never seen before.

As Earth Month comes to a close and even warmer summer temperatures approach, I’ll be honest – I’m looking forward to turning my A/C on. But I walk away from this challenge with a better understanding of my utility bill and new habits to help curb my energy usage.