Wising Up On Water Use

Hello, my name is Sarah Martin, and I’m a water abuser.

I love a long, hot shower.

I buy bottled water. Multiple times a week!

When I’m brushing my teeth, I will often leave the water running.

I thoughtlessly flush away tissues in the toilet.

At this point I am hanging my head in shame and embarrassment.

It’s not that I don’t care about wasted water; I really just don’t think about it throughout the day.  I consider myself a champion recycler, and I never forget to turn off a light. The time has come to step up my water saving game.

On April 1st, I began my 30-Day Earth Month Challenge.

My 4 major goals are:

  1. Shower Better – Spend less time in the shower and possibly invest in a new low-flow showerhead
  2. Turn if Off – Turn off faucets when I’m brushing my teeth, shaving, and cooking
  3. No Plastic – Stop buying bottled water and start using one of the reusable water bottles that’s already in my house
  4. Stop the Flush – I do own a wastebasket. I vow to stop being lazy and use it (or recycle the object, if that’s a possibility).

Stay tuned to see how I fare for the whole 30 days. I’m ready to save some gallons!