New York Meters To Get Upgrade

About 4.7 million electric meters in New York could be getting a whole lot smarter.

Earlier this month, the utility Con Edison announced its plan to spend $1.5 billion on its electric and gas meters as part of an eight-year advanced metering initiative.

Smart meters add accuracy to collecting data about your home energy usage because data is dynamically fed to the utility for monitoring and billing, eliminating any unintended human error from the equation. Learn all the benefits of residential smart meters.

nyc airLike any dense city, New York City uses a LOT of energy, so there’s a big opportunity for people to benefit from this tech upgrade.

Currently, midtown Manhattan, for example, sucks up more power than the entire country of Kenya! Read more about city energy usage here.

With smart meters and smarter energy practices and consumption, customers have the ability to more easily monitor their energy usage to adjust for spikes in price and usage.

One example is giving customers the knowledge to know when to turn down the power during peak demand periods, typically on hot summer afternoons. They can track when energy is at its most expensive and can adjust accordingly.

Smart metering brings consumers closer to their energy usage.

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