Camera, Action and Lights Now Powered by Solar at Historic Texas Theatre

The silver screen at the Texas Theatre now lights up with a golden hue thanks to the theater’s brand new solar panels, funded by the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®!

The historic theater’s non-profit owner, the Oak Cliff Foundation, applied and was selected for a $30,000 donation from the Sun Club last year. The completion of this 4-kilowatt array marks the Sun Club’s 75th solar project since the program’s founding.

“Every non-profit the Sun Club works with is unique, and every solar installation is different. This array at the Texas Theatre is particularly important because of the theatre’s history and role in the community,” said Tony Napolillo, program manager of the Sun Club. “I couldn’t think of a better organization with which to celebrate our 75th solar project.”

The completed solar array is expected to produce 5,627 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, which is about the same as screening Gone with the Wind continuously for about seven months. The Texas Theatre also receives a bill credit for 100% of the solar panels’ outflow to the electric grid through Green Mountain’s Renewable Rewards® buyback plan and the theatre supplements the rest of its electricity usage with 100% wind energy from Green Mountain.


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