Truly Green: Announcing Our Latest Product Portfolio Audit

Wind Turbines

Our mission to change the way power is made would not be possible without the support of our customers, who have a passion for supporting renewable energy.

In fact, our customers have avoided 30.6 millions of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions since we were founded in 1997. That’s like every household in the U.S. turning off its lights for almost 2 months!

This environmental impact is due in part to Green Mountain’s purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) on our customers’ behalf. (Learn how RECs support wind and solar projects in this blog.)

We stand behind all of our products and the promises we make to our customers. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we voluntarily hire a third-party auditor each year to examine our product portfolio and make sure we’re meeting our obligations.

We’re proud to present you the results of our 2013 product portfolio audit.


To learn more about the environmental integrity of our products, as well as the audit, please visit the Sustainability section of our website.

We also encourage you to view the video below to learn more about our company’s commitment to clean energy and to protecting the environment.