Top 10 Products, Companies, Apps and More I discovered at SXSW Eco®

SXSW Eco Party

Why have one “Top 10” list when you could have two? As a continuation of our blog coverage from the SXSW Eco® conference, we asked our employee attendees for the best products, companies, initiatives and apps they found at SXSW Eco (Note: We don’t have any paid relationships with the groups listed below; we just think they’re cool).

  1. Electroloom: A 3D printer for fabrics could be available by the end of 2014. Read more on Fast Company.
  2. YouChange™: Located at, this is a sustainable shopping site created by Earth911 – a one-stop shop for finding out what can be recycled where.
  3. MAKING: App designed by Nike Materials Sustainability Index that categorizes, explains and compares materials used by clothing designers, such as shirts and shoes.
  4. Mission Blue: Movie available for viewing on Netflix that shows the research of underwater researcher, explorer and scientist Sylvia Earle.
  5. Dropcountr®: App that connects people and their utilities in an effort to track and save water, money, and time.
  6. Food Forward: A PBS program showcasing “food rebels” who are working to transform the way we grow and eat our food.
  7. Great Elephant Census: An effort to gather data about the number and distribution of elephants in Africa by using standardized aerial surveys to pinpoint elephant movements and poaching territories.
  8. Plastic Oceans: A solution-oriented movement, kicked off by a documentary, that’s dedicated to education on and reduction in the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean.
  9. Sustainable Biofuel from Abu Dhabi’s Mangroves: Soon, biofuel crops could be produced in arid countries without removing land from agricultural production. Aviation biofuel made from saltwater-loving plants, such as mangrove trees, fertilized with shrimp farm effluent that usually causes pollution from [X COMPANY] is expected to pilot soon.
  10. Travel Forever: Label created by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to establish and manage standards for encouraging sustainable tourism of irreplaceable historical and natural resources.

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