Fire Station Uses Solar Energy to Help Power Their Important Mission

One thing I love about managing the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® is the variety of non-profits we support with solar energy donations. Spring Mill Fire Company #1, right outside of Philadelphia, Pa., is no exception. They are now the proud owners of two pole-mounted solar arrays that are providing pollution-free electricity to the fire station and are used to power everything from the lights and computers to charging life-saving equipment.

The $25,000 donation was used to build a 5-kilowatt dual solar array right next to the station’s parking lot. Not only will it help this volunteer fire company save money each month on their energy costs, it’s also serving as a solar billboard for the community, offering folks who visit or drive by a chance to see solar energy up close. Those two benefits, among many others, are why I love the Sun Club and our mission to promote solar energy and help worthy non-profits.

Learn more about this donation and how you can help us bring more solar to non-profits at You can also view photos of Spring Mill Fire Company’s new solar array here.