Portable Solar Stories: Mike H., Yeti 1250 + Boulder 30

EDITOR’S NOTE: We launched our new online specialty products store to offer portable solar products from Goal Zero® to sunshine enthusiasts everywhere. This blog series details our customers’ and employees’ experiences with the products to shed some light on how solar power works on-the-go.

Name: Mike H., Green Mountain Employee
Location: Austin, TX
Goal Zero® Product (Category): Yeti 1250 + Boulder 30

  1. What do you think about portable solar?
    It’s pretty powerful and great for outdoors to power up cell phones, lamps, and laptops.
  2. How did you use your portable solar device?
    I’ve used it to power a few outdoor lamps, cell phones, and a laptop over a two day weekend and still have over 60% power remaining.
  3. What were the greatest benefits you experienced using the device?
    Not worrying about a dead cell phone or laptop, which everyone can agree is a nightmare!
  4. What surprised you about the product?
    I tested it on my TV, Cable, and PS 3 (all at once) for 3 days and still had 60% of power remaining.
  5. Who would you recommend use it, and for what sort of activities?
    Anyone that needs a constant supply of power for cell phones, laptops, and handheld games. In today’s life style, a cell phone is almost critical to life itself – there’s nothing worse than a dead cell phone. I recommend all walks of life use portable solar because we all need electrical power on a daily basis to carry on with our lives. Road trips, camping, fishing and pretty much any outdoor activities would benefit from having portable power.


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