Portable Solar Stories: Katie R., Nomad 7

Nomad 7 Goal Zero

EDITOR’S NOTE: We launched our new online specialty products store to offer portable solar products from Goal Zero® to sunshine enthusiasts everywhere. This blog series details our customers’ and employees’ experiences with the products to shed some light on how solar power works on-the-go.

Name: Katie R., Green Mountain Employee
Location: Austin, TX
Goal Zero® Product (Category): Nomad 7

Goal Zero Nomad 7One of the biggest battery drains on my phone when I’m out and about comes from playing music, especially if I’m streaming it from a site like Pandora or Songza. To confront this challenge, I teamed up with the Goal Zero Nomad 7 and a co-worker, and we headed outside.

We hooked up the Nomad 7 to an iPhone and settled in for an afternoon experiment. When we posed for the above picture, we thought everything was golden, but my iPhone popped up a “this device is not supported message.” Goal Zero customer service to the rescue!

Here’s what the rep, a self-proclaimed “Outdoor Junkie,” had to say about the dilemma:

“We typically pair the Nomad 7 solar panel with our USB charges called the Switch 8 or the Guide 10 Plus because these battery packs can charge smartphones without any issues.

New smartphones, such as the iPhones, will have some struggle to recognize a charge from the Nomad 7 if the sun is not in prime conditions, however there are some tips and tricks to help with charging:

-You can power down your applications.

-You can put your iPhone in airplane mode, or start charging your iPhone from the Nomad 7 with your phone powered down.

-Another trick is connecting your iPhone to the Nomad 7. Once you’re out in the sun, open up the panel, which will result in a small surge of power to go to your phone for recognizing a charge.”

It did help us out! We moved into full sunshine, and we were able to keep my cell phone charge out of the red “low battery” zone and play music while we hung out and read a book. Anyone recognize that cover? It’s a great read!


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