Green Mountain Energy Joins World’s Largest Climate March

People's Climate March

It was billed as the largest climate march ever. To say it lived up to its billing would be an understatement.

On Sunday morning, we joined more than 400,000 others on the streets of Manhattan – and many thousands of others around the world – in the People’s Climate March, an unprecedented event in the name of climate justice.

As one of the partner organizations, Green Mountain Energy helped raise awareness for the People’s Climate March and encouraged employees to participate. In all, employees from our offices in Austin, New York City, Philadelphia and White Plains, joined the historic event.

The atmosphere was lively, with 32 marching bands playing music, scientists and educators shouting encouragement on megaphones, organizers distributing buttons and signs, college students from across the U.S. singing in unison and parents with kids demanding a cleaner planet for future generations.

At 12:58 p.m. ET, there was a moment of silence to recognize the communities around the world who are on the front lines of climate change. It was amazing to witness the hush sweep across the boisterous crowd of people, who locked arms in the air. That moment of silence was followed immediately by a huge wave of noise and music to symbolize a climate alarm.

On Tuesday, Sept. 23, the United Nations Climate Summit takes place in New York City, and the hope is that Sunday’s gathering will be a turning point and send a clear message to heads of state as they meet to discuss the environment and take action.

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