Green Mountain Employees Make Green Habits Stick

Green Mountain Energy employees just finished a month-long challenge to make green habits stick, taking on sustainable actions outside of their usual comfort zone to reduce their impact on the environment and implement new “green” practices in their offices.

Over the course of four weeks, our employees were challenged to take actions to curb their electricity usage, water consumption, waste production, and also to ponder their transportation choices. Here are some of the challenges employees faced to curb their impact:

  • Try a New Commute: Bike to work instead of driving
    MGS 1
  • Cut the Cups: Drink out of reusable coffee mugs
    MGS 2
  • BYO Lunch: Avoid waste by eating out of reusable containers
    MGS 3

Ultimately, many of our employees stepped outside of their usual routines to reinvigorate their sustainable lifestyles by taking on some new tips and tricks!

Want to incorporate some new sustainable actions into your own life? Check out these Eco Tips videos to shake up your everyday routine.