Solar Shines at PHS Pop Up Garden

The Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM and Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) held a sun-filled evening event at this summer’s Philadelphia Pop Up Garden  last week.

Wait, a sun-filled evening event? That’s right!

We unveiled the final designs for the solar array soon to be installed at PHS Meadowbrook Farm thanks to a $40,000 grant from the Sun Club. The solar will help power the farm’s greenhouses with 100% pollution-free energy from the sun. The greenhouses grow many of the plants and flowers PHS uses as part of its city beautification projects— including this year’s PHS Pop Up Garden at a vacant lot on South Street.

On hand were more than 100 Green Mountain customers and their guests, who had the unique opportunity to sign the back of one of the panels which will be part of the array installation.  Many wrote excited messages of support for solar energy and the Sun Club. They were invited to enjoy this free party for Green Mountain customers because the solar donation is being made thanks in large part to their support!

Holtz Family
Blueprint of the solar planned to be installed
at Meadowbrook Farm in the fall 2014..

The Sun Club is a unique solar crowd-sourcing program funded from many sources: Green Mountain Energy Company, our employees and, most importantly, our customers! Since 2002, we have donated more than $3 million exclusively to non-profit organizations, like PHS, to build solar energy systems on their buildings and campuses. The array at PHS Meadowbrook Farm is expected to be completed early this fall, so stay tuned for more on this exciting donation!

To learn more about the Sun Club, including how you can help us donate even more solar to non-profits, click here. You can also view more photos from the event on our Flickr site.