“Rays” the Roof: The BLK ProjeK becomes 66th Sun Club Recipient

Last weekend, we dedicated our 66th Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM solar installation to The BLK ProjeK, a non-profit in the Bronx, N.Y., that delivers fresh foods to neighborhoods without ample access to organic produce. The Sun Club’s $12,000 donation has built solar on the roof of the non-profit’s big blue bus, which uses vegetable oil – and now, the power of the sun – to keep the produce refrigerated for its deliveries.

Not only is this an innovative use of solar, it also was debuted in a unique way. The dedication took place at the 2nd Annual “Tanya Talks,” a community event with speakers, drummers, workshops, dancers and (thanks to the Sun Club) solar-powered smoothies.

The solar sits on the roof of the bus and feeds a battery so that the energy is available even on cloudy days. Solar is the first part of The BLK ProjeK’s efforts to renovate the bus to be delivery-ready. While the non-profit raises funds to finish out the interior, it can use the solar power for other energy needs.

Thank you to all who attended the event and the people who continue to make these solar donations possible: our customers, employees and Green Mountain Energy.


View pictures of this project here. Want to learn more? Here is Tanya talking about the event and the Sun Club on Bronxnet (skip to 40-minute mark). Also, here are various segments from the Tanya Talks. Check out The BLK ProjeK on Facebook.

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