Portable Solar Stories: Nick S., Yeti 400

Yeti 400

EDITOR’S NOTE: We launched our new online specialty products store to offer portable solar products from Goal Zero® to sunshine enthusiasts everywhere. This blog series details our customers’ and employees’ experiences with the products to shed some light on how solar power works on-the-go.

Name: Nick S. (author), Green Mountain Energy employee

Location: Austin, TX

Goal Zero® Product (Category):
Yeti 400 (Solar Generator)

  1. Yeti 400 Solar GeneratorWhat do you think about solar in general?
    I am intrigued about solar energy and its various applications. I once heard a statistic that 27 years’ worth of worldwide energy consumption equals one day’s worth of solar energy hitting the earth. The more ways we can apply solar to meet our energy needs, the better.
  2. Do you own any other solar products?
    Not at the moment, although my goal one day is to install rooftop solar at my home.
  3. How did you use the portable solar device?
    I brought the Yeti 400 to the park in my neighborhood. I plugged in my mini-stereo to the Yeti 400 so my friends and I could listen to music while we played basketball. The Yeti 400 had a full charge, and we played long enough to listen to the entire Alice in Chains album twice. When I left the park, the Yeti 400 still had juice remaining. I was impressed.
  4. What were the greatest benefits you experienced using the device?
    Just being able to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts of home (i.e. listening to music full-blast) was nice. Normally, I’d have to bring a huge extension cord to listen to music in the park, or have a lot of batteries. It made me curious about all the other ways I could utilize the Yeti 400, such as hiking, camping, afternoons in the park, etc.
  5. What surprised you about the product?
    How long the Yeti 400 can last when it’s fully charged. I probably could have listened to the mini-stereo for 6-7 hrs, at least.
  6. Who would you recommend use it, and for what sort of activities?
    If you love to spend long periods of time outdoors, and you still want to use your electronic devices while you’re outdoors, this is a great product for you. It’s nice to be untethered from an electrical outlet, while still enjoying the use of electronic devices. Buyer beware: The Yeti 400 is a bit heavy (i.e. ~29 pounds), so hiking with the device for long distances would be somewhat strenuous.


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