Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ Serving Up Solar Power to the Houston Food Bank

Today is National “Eat Your Veggies” Day and the Houston Food Bank is about to get big serving of green! Celebrating a $100,000 donation from our Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™, the Food Bank plans to build a solar installation on top of their facility later this year.  This solar project will help reduce the non-profit’s energy costs year after year and support its work to serve more than 74 million meals annually to those in need – all while powering its facilities with renewable energy from the sun! The Houston Food Bank is the largest Food Bank in the nation, according to recent reports from Feeding America.

“The massive size of our warehouse and distribution center provides a major advantage towards the amount of food we can house and distribute to the community – it’s also a big driver of our electricity usage, which is one of our largest operating costs,” said Brian Greene, Houston Food Bank President/CEO. “With the help of the solar array from the Sun Club, we’re utilizing a sustainable approach to our financial and environmental footprint, all resulting in providing more families with the healthy meals they need.”

Green Mountain employees were on site to reveal the donation amount with reusablegrocery bags in hand. Watch the big video reveal here.

The Houston Food Bank was selected for a Sun Club donation because of its mission and outstanding contributions to the Houston area, as well as its interest in protecting the environment and educating the community on solar energy. Donation applications are currently being evaluated for 2015 donations. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply online at