Green Mountain Employees Help Clean Up Austin Lake

Big changes are happening to the trail along Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, Texas, home of Green Mountain Energy headquarters! This past week, The Trail Foundation and the City of Austin opened a brand new Boardwalk, a much anticipated addition to the 10-mile running, biking and hiking trail the Foundation maintains along Austin’s waterfront.

The Boardwalk was built on the lake as a safe and scenic alternative to a 1.1-mile stretch of the trail that followed a narrow sidewalk alongside a busy multi-lane street. Now, trail-goers can enjoy the continuous path along the lake from a brand new perspective.

To support our trail, Green Mountain employees from our Austin office volunteered to help clean up the along the lake’s banks in preparation for the Boardwalk’s grand opening. Volunteers took off in kayaks with trash-picking tools and bags to collect litter polluting the waterways and helped beautify Austin’s iconic body of water.

At Green Mountain, we believe it’s important to be active in our communities. If you’re in Austin, stop by Rio Grande St. between W. 5th St. and W. 12th St. to visit our adopted street. We organize employee street clean-ups here to support Keep Austin Beautiful.

To find out more about Green Mountain’s employee initiatives, visit our Employee Sustainability page. To find opportunities to volunteer in your community, look to