Green Games to Engage Students and Employees

Green Mountain Energy serves customers nationwide, and as a result we have offices across the country. Having such a large geographic footprint forces us to be creative in building camaraderie and team spirit among our employees.

To that end, we recently played “Green Games” with employees in each of our offices to celebrate and promote sustainable practices in the office and at home. We worked together to play fun games that required no budget and were easy to set up.

These quick 1-minute challenges can be easily adapted outside of the workplace, too, for your next activity or field trip at work or school:

  • Sort it Out: Against the clock, correctly sort ~20 items into their correct category: Landfill, Recycling, and Compost. This game challenges participants to sort their waste items correctly and learn how to properly dispose of them!
  • Turbine Challenge: Use recyclable materials to construct a miniature wind turbine. You can use leftover items from the ‘Sort it Out’ challenge, such as cardboard boxes, paper, and paper clips to build your turbines. Challenging your creative skills and resourcefulness, this game should result in an entire farm of tiny turbines!

Our “cheat sheets” are available to fact-check your participants’ game play and help them sort their items properly. Just leave us your contact information below, and we’d be happy to help you set up your Green Games!

Our employees raved about the Green Games, and we hope you will, too!

“It is fun to have these sorts of things to get the office buzzing…. Puts a smile on peoples’ faces, and makes for a better work day.”

“Bring the office staff together to do something fun and exciting!”

“I enjoy interacting with my peers and learning how to change personal habits that impact the environment.”

“It’s been an ongoing learning experience on the categories of recycle, compost, and landfill.”