SolarSPARC: Meet the First Panels

It’s official, the first SolarSPARC™ (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) electricity array is installed and producing renewable energy at the Green Mountain Energy® Wind Farm-Elbow Creek near Big Spring in West Texas. This 9.75-kilowatt project is the company-funded kick-off project we promised to deliver when we announced the SolarSPARC product launch in September 2013.

The timing couldn’t be better: The U.S. has more than 200 times as much solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity installed today as it did in 2002, according to recent report from Environment Texas Research and Policy Center.

Many thanks to the customers that signed up for this plan, especially those that joined early on.

Here’s what the SolarSPARC team has been up to since September:

  • Providing SolarSPARC customers 100 percent solar energy for their homes, the first and only Texas residential electricity plan of its kind
  • Scoping, licensing and powering-up the solar array we announced today
  • Contributing $4 per SolarSPARC customer per month towards building new solar projects
  • Sharing the first annual bill credit with customers that joined in 2013
  • For more on bill credits and how they work, check out the FAQs

We’re currently looking at locations for the next solar installation, which will be the first array built using funds set aside by Green Mountain for each SolarSPARC customer ($4 per month).  As the number of customers that choose this plan continues to grow, so will the size of the solar facilities and ultimately, solar capacity across Texas.  We plan to build a new solar project every six months with the goal of making each facility bigger and brighter than the last, with your help.

Thanks again for the support so far and keep shining!

UPDATE, July 2018: Elbow Creek Wind Farm is closing down operations.