Solar-Powered Compost: Our 60th Sun Club Donation

Our 60th Sun Club solar project was dedicated to Randall’s Island Park Alliance last week in the form of a solar-powered composter and solar education. This solar project contributes to Randall’s Island’s curriculum, demonstrating how they can further reduce their reliance on pesticides on the farm while maintaining strong, healthy vegetables.

The Urban Farm hosts free school programming for the local communities and functions as an organic farm. This unique $6,000 donation is a forced-air composting system, which uses solar energy to power a pump that forces air through the compost pile for 30 seconds every 30 minutes. This allows material to decompose quickly and creates a safer environment. They’re now able to make more compost than ever before, saving an estimated $3,000-$4,000 a year on compost purchases.

Green Mountain employees were onsite at the dedication ceremony to run an organic composting class and teach the young students about solar energy! You can learn more about this donation here.