What has your roof done for your business lately?

For most businesses, the roof is an ignored asset with huge potential value. Converting your roof to a “smart roof” is one way to improve your company’s financial performance and reduce your environmental impact.

To make your roof smarter, there are different options that can be implemented individually or in combination for maximum impact:

  • Cool Roofs: highly reflective roof restorations that reduce the urban heat island effect, extend roof life and reduce landfill waste
  • Vegetated Roofs: planting a rooftop garden also reduces both the urban heat island effect and storm water runoff, plus you get the added benefit of new vegetation that reduces carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Solar Thermal: solar water heaters can be installed on the roof to heat showers & restrooms, food service, pools and facility heating; which can help reduce your energy usage
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV): rooftop solar captures the power of the sun and can generate clean electricity for your business to use, plus it helps reduce peak demand on the electricity grid

So how can you put your roof to work for your business?

First, develop a roof management program, which starts with a survey and will point you in the direction of any necessary repairs, restoration or replacement. BLUEFIN, TectaAmerica and NationsRoof are just a few of the companies that provide roof consulting and management services.

Then implement your smart roof program, measure the results, maintain the program and enjoy the benefits!