Energy Thought Summit: Marching Bands, Ladybugs and Water Bottles

The Energy Thought Summit (ETS) came to Austin this week and with it, a host of conversations and knowledge sharing around energy policy, generation, renewables, consumer choice and technology innovation. A mix of keynote speeches and multi-speaker panels, ETS provided some flair: Keynote speaker Steve Wozniak, most famously Apple’s co-founder, entered on a Segway with a 10-piece marching band. Interesting fact shared by Woz: He has no broadband at home – his neighborhood in San Jose hasn’t ever run any fiber out there.

Green Mountain Energy sustainability manager Jennifer Cregar spoke at ETS, though without a marching band. Nonetheless, she participated in an interesting conversation, addressing the topic of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Jennifer shared our mission, perspective on the growth of renewable energy and recounted the story about how we celebrated one of our customers with the release of 7,500 ladybugs – the same number of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions the customer avoids each year by using solar panels to help power her home.

To watch this panel, and the others, check out the archived videos here

Sidenote: It’s pretty easy to spot Green Mountain on a panel – just look for the reusable water bottle!