Apply Today for Solar in 2015

We’re excited to announce that the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ is now accepting applicants from non-profit organizations for 2015 solar donations! Non-profits that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and to educating their community on the benefits of solar energy are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted through June 15, 2014. Apply today!

While many Sun Club donations go toward rooftop solar arrays, recipients have also applied their monetary donations in other innovative ways. One of the 2014 solar donation recipients, Sea Turtle, Inc., in South Padre Island, Texas, is using its $30,000 donation to install amber-colored solar lights that will illuminate the outdoor area of their facility without confusing the newly hatched sea turtles, encouraging their travel to the coastline and not towards artificial light. The BLK ProjeK also used its funding towards an innovative  solar installation this year. This 2014 Sun Club recipient is using its $12,000 donation to power onboard refrigeration for its delivery bus. The bus brings fresh fruits and vegetables to underserved communities in the Bronx, New York.

Criteria for awarding the solar donation:

Sun Club solar donation recipients are primarily chosen based on their needs, mission and ability to educate the communities they serve on the importance of solar energy. In addition, the organization must:

  • Own the site where the solar will be installed
  • Own and maintain the solar generation system on its property
  • Seek opportunities for ongoing public exposure to solar energy and the Sun Club
  • Non-profits where our residential customers are based in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas are particularly encouraged to apply

Non-profits can apply in four easy steps:

  1. Visit the Sun Club Donation Application page
  2. Review the applicant criteria
  3. Complete all fields, including two essay questions
  4. Submit for consideration

Qualified applicants will be contacted within two months after the submission deadline for further review.

Details about previous Sun Club solar donations can be found here.