Sustainable Me: Our First Anniversary

One year ago today on Valentine’s Day, we launched our internal sustainability initiative, Sustainable Me. Through this program, we’ve encouraged hundreds of our employees in all of our offices to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles by calculating their carbon footprints, reconsidering their commutes to work, donating to non-profits that benefit the environment, and reevaluating how they power their homes while they’re away from the office.


This year, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and to commemorate our One Year Anniversary, we’ve encouraged our employees to donate a little extra to the  Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ and EarthShare, two programs that help protect the planet, promote renewable energy, and benefit the communities they serve. With one week left in our Sustainable Me: Fundraiser Drive, we’re proud to report that nearly 75% of our employees have put their hard-earned dollars toward these organizations to help build a better future!

We celebrated the day by welcoming Texas Humane Heroes, a non-profit Sun Club recipient, to our Austin headquarters. Their team and some of their rescued puppies were on-site to discuss the benefits of solar power, and how their solar project from the Sun Club has helped improve their mission to rescue thousands of pets every year.

Do you want to help spread the love? Contribute to the Sun Club at, or find out how to support EarthShare at

Happy Valentine’s Day from Green Mountain!