Sun Club Stories: Singularity Solar Energy

Editor’s Note: The  Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ is a program through Green Mountain Energy Company that makes donations on behalf of their members and employees to non-profit organizations in the markets they serve to help fund the purchase and installation of solar technology. To date, the Sun Club has helped donate more than 50 solar projects, installing more than 600 kilowatts of solar power and making an impact on non-profits across the country.  We’ve asked some of those solar donation recipients to share their Sun Club success stories.

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Singularity Solar Energy was started in 2011 by a family who wanted to do more to help their community and promote solar energy. This new non-profit donates solar energy systems to low-income households who struggle day-to-day just to pay essential expenses, like their electricity bill. The Sun Club was proud to be the first major donor to Singularity when we donated $10,000 in April 2012. Working with Habitat for Humanity, Singularity used those funds to install arrays on the homes of two deserving families in north Texas. Jena Maharramov, director and CEO of Singularity Solar Energy, shares her story below.


1. Briefly describe your mission and why environmental conservation is so important to your organization.

Singularity Solar Energy’s mission is to provide free solar panels and free solar panel installation to low- income individuals to both save them money and reduce pollutants in the environment.   We understand how important the health of our environment is to our communities.  Research shows that pollution causes higher prevalence of asthma, and solar panels help reduce the air pollutants that contaminate our environment and, consequently, our bodies.  Not only does supporting conservation help us keep our environment beautiful, it also preserves our own health!

2. What first made you want to apply for a Sun Club donation?

We applied for a Sun Club donation because a Sun Club member learned about our mission and values and thought that both were in line with what the Sun Club was doing in various communities.  He urged us to apply for a donation and told us the reason Sun Club members donated funds was to help organizations like ours.

3. How does your Sun Club donation fit into your mission?

We were granted a sizable donation from the Sun Club and began using the funds to put solar panels in two Habitat for Humanity houses.  The Sun Club donation helped us to achieve our goal of helping a community in need.  Like Singularity Solar Energy, the Sun Club seeks to conserve our resources, protect our environment, and help others reduce their energy costs.  We were happy to find a corporation that had the same values and mission that we hold and we were pleased to accept the donation.

4. What’s the biggest change you expect to see as a result of your Sun Club solar project?

As a result of our Sun Club donation, we have reduced the household energy expenses for two families.  We have also made an impact in two low-income communities on the outskirts of the DFW area.

5. How can people help you with your mission?

People can help with our mission in several ways: recycling and conserving in their own households, supporting projects like the Sun Club, and donating to organizations like ours.  Our website is please visit our site for more information on how you can help us with our goals.