Brookhaven College Providing Even Brighter Futures

Earlier this year, the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ donated $60,000 to Brookhaven College to fund the college campus’ first solar arrays. This fall, they completed their first of several solar installations! The Sun Club was there to “flip the switch” on this new source of renewable power, ensuring that Brookhaven students’ futures will be brighter than ever.

The first completed arrays are located at the college’s Geotechnology Institute, established on the campus to promote Earth Systems science education for professional geoscientists through seminars and industry events.  The college was selected as a recipient based on the curriculum’s focus on energy education. Its new energy use monitor installed in conjunction with the array will be used as a direct teaching tool for students and visitors.

“This generous donation from the Sun Club will not only help us reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, but also help us teach our students about the importance of sustainable energy sources, and solar in particular,” said Thom D. Chesney, president, Brookhaven College. “Providing quality educational programs to our students is central to our mission, and these solar arrays will provide outstanding learning opportunities and experiences to enhance our strategic goals.”

Another solar array will provide lighting for a new pedestrian bridge, to be constructed on the campus later next year.

To see pictures from the dedication event, visit our Flickr page.