Visualizing the impact of Texas drought

Drought has been an issue in Texas for centuries, but the state was hit particularly hard in 2011 when it endured the driest 7-month period on record. Firefighters battled hundreds of wildfires, inflows to the region’s creeks and rivers hit a record low, and a staggering 300 million trees were killed.

To memorialize the 300 million lost trees, Women & Their Work, a visual and performing arts organization in Austin, Texas, has completed a temporary installation in the center of the city’s Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin.

Until mid-December, 14,000 prayer flags depicting silhouettes of trees will line the 2.5-mile trail looping along the lake’s hike and bike trail. These flags frame a single white tree buoying above the water in the middle of the lake.

This project, entitled “THIRST,” is designed to acknowledge the devastating impact that changes in weather patterns have had on Texas, and serve as a call to action for conservation and sustainability.

To learn more about the THIRST project and the impact of drought in Texas, visit Women & Their Work online, or run down to Lady Bird Lake trail in Austin and see it in person.

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