‘Stir It Up’ at SXSW Eco

The kickoff for the third year of SXSW Eco is finally here, and Green Mountain is proud to be offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions of all attendees’ estimated travel to the conference, in addition to the emissions of all SXSW Eco staff!

SXSW Eco has quickly become a significant platform for solving some of the more complex challenges facing civil society, the economy, and the natural world.

Green Mountain is participating in a panel tomorrow on Tuesday, Oct. 8, with our friends from Greyston Bakery and the Whole Planet Foundation. The panel, “Stir It Up: Brownies + Social Mission + Solar Energy,” will explore the sustainable synergies between businesses operating with for-profit and non-profit arms. If you’ll be at SXSW Eco, be one of the first 36 people to attend our panel and receive a free brownie from Greyston Bakery!

If you’re interested in Green Mountain’s mission and learning more about our planet, check back later this week as we recap some of our favorite panels from SXSW Eco and our key takeaways.