Save energy with Nest and Support the Sun Club

UPDATE (11/4): Thanks to our customers for sharing their “135” Nest “Leafs” from Sept. We will make a $135 donation to the Sun Club on your behalf!

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat™ is one of the most innovative products to enter the energy efficiency market in years, and we’re thrilled that our customers have loved their Nests as much as their Pollution Free™ Efficient with Nest energy plans.

What’s even cooler than that? We’re running a monthly promotion through the end of the year to benefit the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™, which uses customer and employee contributions to donate solar energy to sustainably minded non-profits.

Here’s how it works: For our Nest customers, find the “Leafs” you earned in September by viewing your monthly Nest Energy Report (see below for a screenshot), which will arrive via email Oct. 10. Simply share the number of “Leafs” you earned via Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #GreenMountainEnergy, or post them on our Facebook wall.

Nest Leafs Blog

On Oct. 31, we’ll tally the total number of “Leafs” shared by our customers from September and make a donation to the Sun Club equal to $1.00 per “Leaf” (e.g., 100 “Leafs” equals a $100 donation).

If you’re not familiar with “Leafs,” read this blog to understand how and why they appear on your Nest.

On Monday, Nov. 4, we’ll announce the total number of “Leafs” shared by our customers from September, as well as the resulting contribution to the Sun Club on behalf of the participants.

Be sure to share your “Leafs” from September by the end of this month, and stay tuned for the results.

Happy energy saving!


Nest Customer Leafs